Ultra Prolink Optical Cable 1.0m Soft Touch Thermo Plastic Elastor TPE

599.00 489.00 489.00(GST inclusive price)

  • Optical Toslink cable 1.5m made of soft-touch thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) connectors and high-quality cable.
  • TPE Material
  • High-Quality Cable
  • 1 Year Warranty


Product description

This1.5m Digital Optical Cable from UltraProlink transfers high-quality surround sound from your media device to your home A/V receiver. Optical fibers eliminate distortion to transmit a superior audio signal. The lightweight cord increases portability and its gripped identification assists in easy installation and increased lifespan. The cable is ideally suited for surround sound speaker setups. Enjoy Superior Audio from Multiple Electronic Devices This cable is suited for use with CD/DVD players, gaming consoles, and Blu-ray players. Connect your optical digital audio line-out jack to your A/V receiver to enjoy clear audio free from interference or noise. Watch Movies in Full Surround Sound Supporting 5.1 and 7.1 digital surround sound, this cable brings superior audio quality and enhanced viewing to your favorite television shows and movies. Optical fibers eliminate distortion caused by interference to deliver a consistently high-quality sound rate. The cable is 6 feet long, making it easy to use anywhere in your home, and is ideally suited for surround sound speaker setups. Design Increases Lifespan and Simplifies Installation Insertion of the cable is easy and minimal strain is put on both the audio line-out on your device and the jack itself. The soft, pliable cord is superb for avoiding tangle and clutter, while the low-profile strain relief factor makes the cable more durable, extending lifespan and delivering a consistent audio performance. Compatibility The UltraProlink Digital Optical Audio Toslink Cable works with most standard and high-definition devices fitted with Toslink ports. Use it with anything from high-def gaming systems and LCD flat-panel TVs to Blu-ray/DVD players and satellite/cable boxes. The cable’s multi-channel connection will even send a Dolby Digital or DTS soundtrack to an audio processor or A/V receiver so you can enjoy a sensational surround-sound experience. The cable is compatible with S/PDIF and ADAT’s, as well.


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