SHARP AH-XP18WMT 1.5Ton 3 star inverter Air Conditioner

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Sharp AH-XP18WMT 1.5Ton
Inverter Air conditioner To avail cool and pleasant temperature inside your room while the world outside seems literally on fire, get the Sharp AH-XP18WMT Inverter Air conditioner. Its capacity of 1.5 Ton makes it suitable for a medium sized rooms. With a 3 star rating you are relieved of worrying about excessive energy consumption because it gives a power effective performance without compromising with the level of comfort you are provided with India’s top 10 brand ac sharp
The Sharp AH-XP18WMT Inverter Air Conditioner  comes with Blow clean functionality and also has Leakage Detector. It is equipped with copper condenser pipe which is much more durable. It comes with 5 filters namely Anti-Bacterial, Vitamin C option, Nano Titanium Filter, Anti Dust Filter and Carbon Filter which gives you fresh best air cooling experience.
The Sharp AH-XP18WMT Inverter AC comes with various features such as Super Turbo Mode, Smart Diagnosis, Auto Clean, even including a Stabilizer free function. The 4 Way Swing ensures Uniform Cooling. Equipped with Smart Diagnosis – Self Detect issues along with an LCD display Remote. The outdoor unit also performs at a low noise level. Sharp 1.5 ton 3 star split AHXP18WMYT

inverter air conditioner


Type Inverter Air conditioner
Model Number
AH-XP18WMT  3 star
Air Conditioner Modes Super Turbo Mode
Air Flow Volume 193/279/349/420/446 (CFM)
Inverter Technology Yes
Types of Sensors Follow Me Sensor
Cooling Capacity 17740 (BTU/H)
Stabilizer Free Operation Yes
Cooling Power Input 5280 Watt
Refrigerant Type R32
Additional Air Conditioner Features Smart Diagonosis
Noise Level (Indoor Unit) 24/30/36/42/44 dB
Noise Level (Outdoor Unit) 52 dB
Air Flow Type 4 Way Swing
Connecting Pipe Type Copper
Connecting Pipe Length 7.5  Meters
 Connecting Cable Length 10 Meter
Leakage Detector Yes
Dimensions in CM (WxDxH) 87.70 x 22.20 x 29.20
Dimensions in Inches (WxDxH) 34.52 x 8.74 x 11.49
Weight 9Kg
Dimensions in CM (WxDxH) 78.00 x 26.90 x 54.00
Dimensions in Inches (WxDxH) 30.70 x 10.59 x 21.25
Weight 9Kg
Warranty Period 12  Months
Sharp ahxp18wmt
inverter AC 1.5ton

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Energy Efficiency

3 Star

Product Style

Inverter, Split Ac


1.5 Ton


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