Amkette Tough Pro High Thread Count Micro Mesh Braided Type C Cable(1.5 Meters) (Red)

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  • ULTRA FAST CHARGING AND DATA TRANSFER – Designed with 22AWG Thick Copper Wire, Amkette ToughPro cables delivers ultra-fast data transfer and charging with maximum current output, up to 3 Amperes. Also, the cable is compatible with Qualcomm QC Technology. (Please note, to use QC charging along with the cable, a QC compatible Charger/Adapter is required).


  • BUILT TO LAST – Amkette ToughPro cables combined with, Kevlar Reinforced thick copper wire and high thread count micro-mesh braiding, offers you ultimate durability. Unibody Flexible Joints add extra protection towards daily wear and tear of the cable.


  • EXTRA LONG WITH VELCRO TAPE – For hard to reach places, Amkette ToughPro cables are 1.5m long. The longer cable lets not worry about the position of the charging socket. Also, the attached velcro tape ensures that you can manage your cable better while using for the shorter distance.


  • ULTIMATE COMPATIBILITY – Amkette ToughPro Micro USB cable supports all devices having the micro USB charging input. So you don’t have to worry about anything, whether you have a headset or a smartphone, our cable supports all devices with micro USB charging input. (Please note, charging adapter is not included in the package)



Color Red
Brand Name Amkette
Model Name 1.5 m Tough Pro Micro USB
Weight 81.6 g
Warranty 1 Year


  • Amkette cables are engineered to meet the expectations of your daily life’s demands

  • At 1.5 meters long, this cable ensures maximum flexibility on your desk, your couch or bed.
  • Super Strength Fibers – Tough Pro cables are reinforced with Aramid Fibre. That’s what is used in Bulletproof Vests.
  • Micro-Mesh Braiding with a very High Thread Count ensures maximum durability.
  • Unibody connectors add a strong layer of protection against daily wear and tear.
  • Oxygen-Free Copper Wires ensures you get the fastest charging possible.

These Cables are designed to last.

Dash Charge Supported. Dash Charger is required.

10000+ Bends Tested

With 10,000+ bend tests, Amkette Tough Pro cables can last up to 10x longer than conventional cables.

High Thread Count Braided Cable

While other braided cables start fraying and tearing, this high thread count fabric cable will last and last.

Strong Unibody Connectors

Amkette cables are built with sturdy and strong unibody connectors to offer maximum durability and life.

Reinforced Cable Joints

Reinforced cable joints maximize the durability of the cable.

Bulletproof Aramid Fibre

Strong Aramid fibers make sure the cable won’t break in the middle. While we don’t recommend using this as a rope, it could do the job.

Aluminum Shielding

These cables come with a layer of Aluminium Shielding. This protects the data transfer from any outside electromagnetic interferences. Small bits can go a long way.

Thick Copper Wire

This is the most important part of today’s cables – Fast Charging

  • Thick 22AWG copper for huge 3 to 4 A current
  • Oxygen-free copper for maximum efficiency
  • Tin Coated to ensure maximum resistance to the elements.

Extra Long Cable

While it’s not wireless charging, the 1.5m is long enough to provide ample flexibility.

With the bundled Cable Organiser the cable can be as short as needed.

Dash Charge Compatible

Amkette Tough Pro cables are Dash Charge Compatible.

Note: A compatible Dash Charger is also required for Dash Charging.

Technical Specification

  • Dash Charge Compatible: Yes
  • Length: 1.5 Meters
  • Connector: Type C
  • Color: Red
  • Shielding: Yes, Aluminium
  • Output Current: Up to 3 Amperes
  • AWG: 22 AWG
  • Braiding: Yes, High Thread Count
  • Cable Organizer: Yes
  • Compatibility: All Type C supported devices



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